We are a christian based charity seeking to show love and care to those in Eastern Europe who are less fortunate than ourselves.
The objects of the charity are to provide relief to disadvantaged and vulnerable people living in Eastern Europe through the support of donations received from individuals and organisations in this country.
Help is given by supporting families, churches and medical organisations through financial gifts, taking Humanitarian aid and medical supplies, and setting up projects to provide long term benefits and independence. It is also given through arranging for special medical diagnosis and treatment here in the United Kingdom.
In practice the charities main areas of work are Romania and Moldova.
Where volunteers are involved in visiting Romania or Moldova in support of the work of the charity, they are encouraged to raise funds toward the cost for their travel. The monies raised are paid into the respective restricted accounts from which the cost of fares is taken. Whilst in the country, accommodation is normally with families and a small gift is given to them to cover the cost of food.

Our Mission Statement is:
To encourage disadvantaged people living in Eastern Europe by:
 Letting them know there are people in England who care for and regularly pray for them.
 Sharing our worldly wealth with them.
 Sharing the love of Jesus with them.
 Helping them to help themselves.
 Being a source of inspiration and encouragement to everyone at all times and in all places

A very brief history. The roots of Christian Response go back to 1990.  You may well remember the hideous images of the orphanages in Romania.  It was in 1990 that Gary Taverner had a vision to help in these orphanages and from there everything snowballed.
Over the years, the situation in Romania improved therefore we began to expand activities. Missions were made to Albania and some of the areas devastated by the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl.  Whilst working in Romania we were to hear reports about the neighbouring country of Moldova and how appalling levels of poverty abound there. One fleeting visit and Moldova was taken into our hearts.
Whilst maintaining our interest in Romania by far the majority of effort is now concentrated on the country of Moldova. It is Europe’s poorest country and the situation out there is really dreadful. You can read more about this under the section headed “Moldova, the country”.  
All who work for the charity “Christian Response” are volunteers, no-one is paid. We have no offices or other rented premises.  We borrow all we can, rather than renting or hiring, all this means the money saved can be spent on those we seek to help in Eastern Europe.
If you are interested in our work please read some of the past newsletters and look at all the other information you can find on this website, the tabs for which are at the top of this page.
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