Our March Humanitarian Aid Truck to Moldova
We were very grateful to all the lovely people who donated items for our last truck and the magnificent volunteers who sorted through everything to make certain it was of the best value and the fantastic team who turned up to load it.
Our good friend and driver Zamfir left for Moldova on 17th March and after a long journey with delays at various borders arrived in Romania only to be told we were having problems completing the paperwork in Moldova.
When we take a truck we have a mountain of papers to complete and have signed by various regions in Moldova where the aid is distributed. All the officials were preoccupied and worried about the Coronavirus and did not want to sign and stamp our papers. To cut a long story short our good friend Ilia worked very hard and we are delighted to say eventually succeeded.
Our truck successfully crossed the border into Moldova and arrived in Balti where it has now been unloaded.
With all the restrictions and inherent dangers of the coronavirus the distribution is the next challenge. Annoyingly, additional papers have to be completed whenever anything is given out; we need signatures from all the recipients together with their Identity Card number. This is a huge task when you consider all we pack into the articulated truck.
It is a very difficult situation as we want everything to be distributed as soon as possible but we do not want to endanger anyone or be the cause of spreading the virus.Obviously in giving out all the clothing etc. we have to make certain it is suitable and the correct size. How can this be done without endangering or spreading the virus?
We have such a dilemma. Everything on the truck is very much needed but we don’t want to endanger anyone. We will find a way to do this.